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The Date From Smell

November 23rd, 2022

I was not a rich kid. Dad was a professor of forestry at the University of Missouri. Mom ran a day care center out of our home. At 16, I bought a ’46 Ford Coupe with college money Grandpa McCormick gave me, and souped it into an unbeatable hot rod nicknamed “The Green Machine” because of its verdant metallic paint job.

During high school summers, Dad’s connections landed me a job driving a tractor at the University’s experimental farms. I earned $2.75 an hour and time-and-a-half for overtime. On days I didn’t have night baseball games, I typically worked until dark and chugged back to the equipment barn by the tractor’s headlights.

At the end of my senior year, the months of slaving and saving paid off. I bought a red and white Corvette convertible. While I had been faithful to the ’46 Ford…never snuck around behind her tail-pipes and drove my Dad’s Buick, or bathed or buffed any other car’s sleek and shiny coat…the time arrived as I approached college to advance to a higher vehicular plane; where burning rubber, deafening drag pipes, and occasional electrical fires under the dash no longer fit the equation.

My eyes misted when the sparkling coupe roared away under the heavy foot of another guy; but later rejoiced on reading The Green Machine won various stock car races.

Meanwhile, my fuel-injected ‘Vette burbled happily when I toe-slammed her accelerator pedal and dashed through four on the floor. Her shapely, up-turned and posi-tractioned rear-end loved nothing better than burning parallel black stripes on Missouri’s highways and byways, and leaving foolish challengers choking on exhaust. The security of her fiberglass and metal embrace represented everything about which men dream, and I pledged unfaltering loyalty.